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I had been experiencing bloat, intestinal gurgling and general malabsorption for several weeks. I went to see Elizabeth and she immediately put me as ease. I was under a lot of stress due to an unusual circumstance and told her I thought my current life situation was literally spilling over into my digestive tract. As a licensed acupuncturist, although I had been giving myself acupuncture and herbs, I was only experiencing minimal relief. During the treatment Elizabeth asked questions about my past that I had not revisited for years, and although surprised that her intuition had led her to these memories, I felt safe and protected by her presence. As she cleared meridians and chakras, I felt a warm tingling sensation in my abdomen, accompanied by a cozy warmth. My digestion immediately improved and was symptom free for two weeks. Although some symptoms have returned, they are not at previous levels. Even better was that the stressful, unusual circumstance resolved harmoniously shortly after my session with Elizabeth.

As one who practices holistic medicine, I appreciate the holistic nature of bioenergy balancing. The treatment Elizabeth provided was thorough and clearly demonstrated her depth of knowledge and keen intuition. She has a sincere wish to be of service and I consider her a gift to the healing community.

–Ayoung K., L.Ac.

Before my appointment, I had been having difficulty falling asleep unless I had a glass(es) of wine or a sleeping pill. I also had trouble with waking up frequently in the middle of the night and just staying awake to catch up on work. Working with clients in different time zones, managing multiple, international projects, and commuting were all taking a toll on my stress and energy levels. I could feel myself getting run down. After my session, I slept like a baby! Seriously, you are magic. I always feel lighter, more balanced and ready to take on the world. It started last night with a good night’s sleep. Thank you, I appreciate how thorough you are and willing you are to dig into the underlying issues.

— Sheila, High Tech Marketing Professional

I’ve worked with Elizabeth several times on my own health concerns as well as on my husband’s health issues. The first time we worked together we focused on migraine headaches. I was amazed at how she was able to target emotional times in my life in order to clear the energy around them.

During the session, I could feel the energy moving, especially in my chest and heart. Several times I became short of breath and could feel my heart racing, followed by a relaxed calm. I’ve felt this every time we’ve worked together.

Since the session, I’ve had three migraines in three months, and they’ve all been what I would call mild. Prior to working with her (and making dietary changes earlier) in the year, I’d been suffering 2-3 per month, and at least one of those would be debilitating and impact my day in a major way. Now, I can control them with one over the counter med rather than the heavy duty prescription the neurologist had prescribed. I used to never leave the house without my migraine meds in fear that I would get “hit” with one. Now I rarely take them with me.

We also did a session to “ground” me after my husband experienced a major life-threatening health crisis and I found myself unable to focus, scattered, and scared. We worked for a little over an hour on putting my energy “back together” and grounding me. I slept harder that night than I had in a long, long time and the scattered, lack of focus, desperate feeling I had went away. I’ve felt much calmer and more able to deal with the stress of him being in critical condition in a hospital 300 miles from our home.

Elizabeth also worked on my husband during this major health crisis. He had a colon resection surgery due to a perforated colon from a diverticulitis flare up. Following the initial repair surgery, he had another perforation and leakage that we didn’t catch for weeks because he apparently has an exceptionally high tolerance for pain. By the time he got to the hospital and had a follow-up surgery, he was in renal failure, had severe sepsis, and peritonitis. He was on a ventilator and massive antibiotics.

Elizabeth began by working on his kidneys. From the time she worked on them, his kidney function improved. The fascinating part of having her work on him while he lay fairly unresponsive in an ICU unit was that we could watch his vital signs responding. During her initial session, his heart rate (which was high) dropped as she cleared his meridians. His kidneys were functioning normally within a week. He told me later, that he felt her working on him and he’s asked several times when we’re going to do more “healing with Elizabeth.” He said her moving the energy felt good when nothing else in his body did.

— Amy, Author & Book/Creativity Coach

As a 40-year old woman, wife and mother of 3 children under the age of 9, I have been doing my best to take care of my own body and mind when time permits me to focus on me. However, my best has not always been great or even good most days. Western medicine has served a basic purpose for me through helping me achieve a diagnosis, prescribe medications and assist me when my health is poor. However, it has not helped fill in the missing pieces that aid me in reducing my stress level, sleep better and gain insight into what is good for the health of my body.

As a child with a “nervous stomach” I have a history of intestinal issues after eating certain foods and in times of stress. It took many years and many doctors to finally give me a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. As I have gotten older I have become more open to other ways of looking at my health. I understand the mind/body connection and how it can positively or negatively affect how my body functions and heals itself. When I heard about Elizabeth’s Bioenergy Balancing work it was a novel concept for me. When I finally decided to make an appointment, I skimmed the description of “what to expect” yet still could not envision how a session would unfold, how I would feel or react. I went into my initial session with an open mind, I felt a sense of vulnerability about opening up myself to others without being able to control with my mind what my “body” would say about its challenges and needs. I attempted to get my head into a space that I typically do during a relaxation massage. I tried to keep my body relaxed and my thoughts open. During the session I experienced varied sensations of both calmness and intensity as they targeted energy to or away from my body.

At the end of the session, my thoughts were quiet and my body felt relaxed throughout the rest of the day. Any negative feelings or thoughts I had earlier didn’t stay with me and I was able to keep negativity away. In the late afternoon I felt as if I would lay my head down I could fall asleep and napping typically does not come easily for me. That night, I fell asleep easily and slept deeply, both which do not come easily for me. The first session was both enlightening and self-affirming for me. I made a follow up appointment and had similar results the second time as well. I had such beneficial results that I feel it has a place for me in my quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I realize that energy work is not something you can do just once but that it needs to be a regular component incorporated into my “mind and body” health plan.

— Jennifer, Speech Language Pathologist

I have been going to Elizabeth as my Healer for several months now and I am amazed at the progress and the changes that continue to happen. I came to find Elizabeth through a mutual friend when I was at a breaking point. My stress was manifesting into physical issues for me, such as: multiple cold sore eruptions over the previous year; whereas before I would only have a cold sore once a year if that; experiencing hormonal imbalances such as irregular menstrual cycles that would sabotage getaway weekend plans. Additionally, I was bothered by my eyes constantly watering, a physical reaction to when I felt in a helpless situation, such as walking into work.

I did not have any reservations about meeting with Elizabeth the first time, considering that everything that I was feeling at that time I knew had to be healed or addressed on a different level than just going to a 20 minute doctor’s appointment. During my first few sessions, my legs would tremor as Elizabeth and Kristy, the Co-Practitioner, progressed through the two hour-long appointment with me. Now, I do not experience leg tremors any more because I’ve released so much. I leave each session feeling energized and renewed. Many of my physical symptoms have completely gone away or are minimal today: no cold sores the entire time I’ve started my Bioenergy Balancing sessions and my menstrual periods have regulated back to a normal schedule. With my sessions and with my recent efforts to assist my workplace with unionizing, my eyes have gotten better. They still do water on occasion, but not to the extent as before when I began Bioenergy Balancing sessions because I was stressed at work.

I continue to see Elizabeth and Kristy once a month with excellent results each time.


My family and I have been clients of Elizabeth’s for over two years now. I highly recommend Elizabeth as a practitioner for many reasons. My daughter was the first to work with Elizabeth. My child lives with a high level of anxiety and was having trouble sleeping – it sometimes took 3+ hours for her to fall asleep. This was troubling as children her age need 10-11 hours of sleep to be able to function at a normal level. My daughter was getting around 7 hours of sleep a night. She was tired all of the time, losing weight, couldn’t focus in school, and had dark circles under her eyes. I shared my concerns with Elizabeth as I did not know what to do; I wasn’t going to put my child on sleeping medication at the age of 9. Elizabeth suggested she perform muscle testing and then clear my daughter’s meridians to see if that would help. Elizabeth worked with my child in the evening before bed. A half hour later Elizabeth had finished working on my daughter who then went to bed and fell asleep within minutes. Elizabeth does periodic clearings for my daughter and it has made a world of difference in regards to her sleeping patterns.

I was the second member of my family to become a client. I had been feeling mentally and physically exhausted for a long time and I didn’t know and I didn’t know what to do to feel better. As Elizabeth cleared my meridians I could actually feel years of accumulated negative energy release from my body. I left her office that day feeling lighter and at peace – something that I hadn’t felt in a long, long time. Like my daughter, I go see Elizabeth for what I like to call “tune ups” when I am feeling like my body is not working efficiently or at the level of optimal health that I would like

Even my dog is a fan. After returning home from an extended vacation we picked up my dog from where he was boarding. Joey wouldn’t eat, drank very little water, and was very lethargic. After two days of this I asked Elizabeth to check him out. I had no clue if it would work but I figured it was worth a try since my daughter and I had experienced so much success with her energy balancing. Elizabeth cleared Joey and by the next day he was eating, drinking water, and acting like the normal, happy dog to which we were accustomed.

I strongly recommend working with Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for relief from physical and emotional stress, who wants to feel more relaxed and more whole in their bodies and in their lives.

— Jennifer