Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Bioenergy Balancing draws concepts from Eastern medicine, acupuncture, Healing Touch, massage therapy, Applied Kinesiology, and academic subjects, such as anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.

Emotional, energetic blockages may disrupt the internal functions and chemical balance within the body, resulting in physical symptoms. The goal of Bioenergy Balancing is to help people regain their natural state of wellness by re-balancing their bodies’ energy and nutrition. Healing can start from within.

Based upon concepts within Eastern medicine, like acupuncture, Bioenergy Balancing works with the meridians and chakras in the body which correspond to organs and body parts. When significant events, traumas, etc. trigger emotional responses, sometimes blockages can occur within the corresponding meridians, chakras and organs.

Blockages and imbalance can result in physical symptoms, from the inconvenient to the chronic to the acute.

Kinesthetic muscle testing enables Elizabeth to ask the body where the blockages exist. Elizabeth helps release these blockages by tracing the meridians of the body (without use of needles). In essence, Elizabeth facilitates communication with the body to help figure out what is out of balance and how that imbalance may be released.

No, Bioenergy Balancing and traditional medicine are not intended to be polar worlds. 

Bioenergy Balancing is meant to complement whatever alternative or traditional healthcare protocol that a client chooses to follow. This is not about following rules or making one system of care seem better than another. Rather, Elizabeth hopes to bridge the two worlds for her clients and find ways to support the body with energetic releases and optimal nutritional balance.

The most important factor is that the client feels comfortable, well, and hopeful.

Who should experience Bioenergy Balancing?

NO. Adults, children, and animals may all benefit from Bioenergy Balancing sessions.

While adults may consider their physical and emotional symptoms to be the accumulation of years of living, children experience emotional and stressful events that can impact them physically and emotionally. Their systems are just as susceptible to imbalance as are adult systems. However, children do not always have the words or the ability to express when something in their body or in their energy field feels “off.”

Bioenergy Balancing sessions are completely appropriate for children and infants. The child may sit in its parent’s lap, all while the Bioenergy Balancing work is taking place. For all of those “mamma bears” and “pappa bears” who feel the responsibility of trying to ensure your child’s comfort, especially, in the face of medical diagnosis and invasive or uncomfortable treatment protocol, Bioenergy Balancing can provide your child’s body with a way to articulate what may or may not be ailing it. For a parent, desperate to provide the child with “normalcy” and/or relief from pain, or to find any possible explanation for why someone so young is suffering, Bioenergy Balancing can provide hope and reassurance that young bodies are resilient and can rebalance.

The session may be conducted with a child client sitting upright alone or in a parent’s lap.

Child clients may move around, if need be, as it is difficult for a child to sit or lie still for any period of time.

Your child may participate, speak, ask questions, and focus on the session, or he/she may read, play on a device, etc. without disrupting the session.

Your child may move around and does not have to be silent. Because we are conducting the session over phone or video, you may conduct the session in any location where your child feels most comfortable.

YES. For those who are animal lovers and animal “parents,” just as with parents of human children, pets can be loved like a family member. Just as with human children, pets are not able to articulate symptoms or express exact problems that may ail them. Bioenergy Balancing works with pets! Meridians and chakras can be cleared on an animal’s body, just as on a human’s body.

What happens during a Bioenergy Balancing session?

The client and Practioner will connect online. The client may be seated with their phone or computer. A single Practitioner or a team of two co-Practitioners will begin by clearing the client’s energy field so that the conversation with the client’s body may be as accurate as possible.

The Practitioner(s) will begin to inquire about areas of the body which should be the focus of the session, any life events or emotions that may have affected the organs, meridians, chakras of the body, and then will trace the meridians (the energetic pathways that run through the body) along the surface of the clothes or just above the body.

Bioenergy Balancing sessions are conducted via Phone/Facetime/Skype/Zoom Audio and Video Sessions. Since the Practitioner is working with the body’s energetic and vibrational fields, the body does not have to be physically present with the Practitioner in order for the work to be effective.

The Practitioner is able to ask questions, to muscle test the body’s energy field, and to trace the meridians, just as if the body were present at a physical session.

Since Bioenergy Balancing work deals with the body at an energetic and vibrational level, the physical body does not need to be physically present with the Practicioner to experience the benefits of a Bioenergy Balancing. Clients may experience the work from any location within the United States or worldwide.

Each client’s response and result to the work is different. Clients have responded in a variety of ways. Some have felt warmth, tingling, relaxation, during the session. Others feel nothing physical during the session. Some report experiencing a “weight lifting off;” feeling “lighter,” feeling initially exhausted; sleeping deeply and without interruption for the first time in a long while; enjoying a feeling of having more energy and better moods; feeling physical pain, swelling, bruising disappear; being able to eat without discomfort; easier digestion; ease of bowel movements; relief from headaches; better hormonal balance and cycle regularity, etc.

There is a benefit from having a session in the midst of extensive medical treatment or after some life trauma so that any blockages that may be forming, due to fear, anger, uncertainty, etc. may be released before any physical symptoms begin to surface, as a result of having experienced those events or emotions.

During a session, inquiries into nutritional balance, vitamin and mineral absorption, food intolerances, etc. will be made. The goal is to release any negative associations or triggers that cause the body to block or to react negatively to any foods or supplements that you are ingesting. If the necessary releases occur, the regular diet and nutrition should supplement the body adequately. Sometimes, a supplement is identified and offered for a temporary period of time until the body rebalances and is able to absorb, utilize or synthesize the vitamin, mineral, food item, etc. on its own. 

Taking of supplements is optional and is never intended for permanent “maintenance.” Rather, the goal is that the body use, make and receive the nutrients without having to supplement.

All supplements are homeopathic or naturopathic and should not contraindicate with any prescriptions or supplements recommended by other treatment providers. Bioenergy Balancing Practitioners are NOT doctors, chiropractors or psychiatrists, and do NOT ever prescribe medication nor recommend that a client suspend the taking of prescribed medications. Supplements are meant to be temporary nutritional boosts or detoxifiers.